Fence Repair Spokane WA

Do you need fence repair in Spokane and surround in areas including Spokane Valley? We can service all of your fence repair needs!

Sometimes it makes more sense to not spend more money on a new Spokane fence when you can get your leaning and falling fences repaired by us! If your fence is too difficult or will cost too much to repair, we will let you know and can give youa quote on what it would cost for a full replacement for a brand new fence!

Our fence services include: Repair, Installation, Rebuilding, Gates, Staining, Painting, and more!
fence repair spokane of a wooden fence made to look like new again

Services we offer for repairing fences in Spokane

  • Vinyl Fence Repair
  • Chain Link Fence Repair
  • Wood Fence Repair
  • Cedar Fence Repair
  • Wrought Iron Fence Repair
  • Steel Fence Repair
  • Fence gate repair
  • and more!

Spokane Fence Repair Services

We offer several different fence repair services in Spokane and surrounding areas. We can fix any fence. Whether you need a simple fix or something more, let us come to your property and give you a free estimate, even if we didn’t install the original job!

Fence Repairs or Fence Replacement?

It may not make sense to completely tear down your existing fence and replace it with a new one. Some simple repairing may be all that is needed. If the damage is controlled, all that leaning fence repair or falling fence repair in Spokane needs is repair done. It may save you thousands of dollars. 

But sometimes a new fence installation is what is needed to get the job done right if the existing fence is too damaged or too old.

If more than 20 percent of your fence needs repaired, the best thing to do is to completely replace your fence.

Call us to get out expert opinion to weigh the costs of a large scale replacement vs large scale repair.

Spokane Wood Fence Repair

Wood fence or cedar fence repair is very common because wood doesn’t due well in the natural elements over long period of time or if not property maintained will run into issues.

With constant weather changes, wood starts looking dull and old and start to rot over time. 

There are lots of parts of a fence we can fix and repair due to rotting and other damage of your cedar fence such as:

  • Slats and pickets
  • Wood fence post repair
  • Wood fence gate repair
  • Staining Painting if weathered
  • Power / pressure washing
  • etc.

Get your wooden fence repaired today!


Repair your chain link today!

Spokane Chain Link Fence Repair

Chain link is very durable and can typically last a very long time. 

But eventually, they may start to rust or something may happen that damages the fence. 

If the rust is limited to 10-15 percent of the chain link fence, it is recommended that you remove and replace the rusted sections.

There are lots of parts of a chain link fence we can fix and repair such as:

  • Rusted chain link sections and posts
  • Post replacement
  • Chain link fence gate repair
  • etc.

Spokane Vinyl Fence Repair

Vinyl fencing is strong and durable and is known for its longevity. They generally don’t require any maintenance or upkeep.

But accidents happen and if something causes your vinyl fence to break, such as heavy winds or a storm, you can get the damaged sections replaced without disturbing the rest of the fence. 

There are lots of parts of a vinyl fence we can fix and repair such as:

  • Vinyl fence panel replacement
  • Post replacement
  • Vinyl fence gate repair
  • Re paint with excellent finish
  • etc.

Repair your vinyl fence today!


Repair your wrought iron fence today!

Spokane Wrought Iron Fence Repair

Wrought iron fences are expensive to install, whether made of steel, aluminum or iron. So it may be worth it to fix and repair it if something it damages or the metal is rusting. 

Make sure to not put off the repair work of an ornamental fence. Get the fence restoration services you need to get your wrought iron fence fixed. 

There are lots of parts of an ornamental wrought iron fence we can fix and repair such as:

  • Welding
  • Painting
  • Wrought iron fence gate repair
  • Washing
  • Replace any broken or rusted parts
  • etc.


Get your free quote to repair your fence in Spokane today!