Ornamental Iron Fence Spokane

We install some of the best Iron / Ornamental fences in Spokane, Spokane Valley, and surrounding areas and make sure that are built to last. Our fences have the look and strength of wrought iron at a fraction of the cost and still provide years of worry free enjoyment, beauty, and security. Our ornamental steel is one of the fastest growing trends in the fencing industry and in the Spokane area. It’s beautiful and elegant, ornamental, and not only offers you an impressive estate look, but gives you additional security.

Ornamental steel fencing is designed with long-term durability in mind and their superior construction guarantees years of maintenance-free service and value.

If you want more privacy, consider getting a privacy fence in a different material!

Steel Fence Spokane

Some ornamental looking fences are made in steel. Steel is a little more expensive but will last nearly forever on any property.

Aluminum Fence Spokane

Aluminum is much cheaper than steel and can still last a very long time because it’s metal. Aluminum is great if you’re on a tighter budget.

Get your steel on aluminum ornamental fence today!

Iron ornamental fence that is defining an area while giving great curb appeal to the home and yard

Advantages of Ornamental

  • Security with steel or aluminum
  • High strength
  • Plain or fancy
  • Fencing with elegance
  • A style for anyone
  • Very low maintenance

Very Low Maintenance

Because ornamental fences have the look and feel of wrought iron, they are made of high quality steel and sometimes aluminum.

This provides a low maintenance solution and you won’t have to worry about taking care of your fence once it’s installed!

Just make sure they are properly painted to keep them rust-free and to withstand weather over time.



Professional Installation

When you get a new Ornamental Fence it comes with a variety of different warranty options. This all depends on the manufacturer and style you decide to use. We take care of our customers anyway we can. so if you have us install a fence for you, give us a call and we will make it right! 

Our goal is to provide such high quality service that you’ll never want to use another fence company again and then hopefully you’ll let us help your friends and family install a fence as well, whether it’s steel, aluminum, or any other material!

We are confident in our ornamental fence installation process so if you ever have a problem with your new fence, let us help you!

High Quality, Always!

We work with local distributors to bring you the best products for ornamental fencing at an unbeatable price.

We never skimp on quality when we install and we always strive for high customer satisfaction!

We feel we are the best Spokane fence company so let us help you!


Best Ornamental Fence Installation Prices!

Ornamental / wrought iron railing fence installation is more expensive than other traditional fencing systems because of the normal steel material, but the advantage is that these fence styles are built to last a long time and look great on your property.

Aluminum is an affordable alternative for home and business owners who like the look of wrought iron but want a lower-cost solution. 

Call us today for a free bid on your next ornamental fence in Spokane area to see what it’ll cost for you! 



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