Spokane, WA

Spokane Washington is one of the the biggest cities in Washington State. Spokane Metro area is growing which includes most of Spokane County.


Spokane’s heritage began with the Spokane Tribe of Indians. Spokane means “Children of the Sun”. 

In the 1800s, Spokane had its first white settlements and has become increasingly diverse. 

Spokane is also known for the inception of Father’s Day. 


Spokane’s climate has all four seasons and the climate is much different than other areas in the Pacific Northwest.


For the Inland Northwest, Spokane serves as a major hub for the people that live here and other surrounding areas. Forest surrounds the area and is responsible for one quarter of the world’s white pine trees. 


“Near nature, near perfect” is Spokane’s motto and it goes to show that it’s a prime location for many different recreational activities. 

The Spokane River runs through the city and there are many enjoyable outdoor activities; including ski resorts, white-water rafting, camping areas, hiking trails, lakes, and the Centennial trail.


Spokane is close to several higher education campuses including Washington State University, Eastern Washington University, Gonzaga University and Whitworth University. 

Spokane also has great school systems and education for grades K-12.


Spokane has strong job growth and the population is also growing. The area has passed the 500,000 mark. 

Regionally, the economy is doing great, giving reason for people to move here. When that happens, people buy homes which leads to home improvements, including fencing. 


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