Wood Fence Spokane

We are one of the top fence contractors and can build some of the highest quality wood fences in Spokane, Spokane Valley and surrounding areas. We provide premiere wood fence installation using only the best wood products such as cedar, that will require as little maintenance as possible.

And when a wood fence is maintained correctly, our high quality wooden products can last for many years! Wood fencing also have timeless looks that other fence products don’t have.

Wood fences are on of the most requested fence products by homeowners in the Spokane area. Chain link fences are the most popular, but for those who want a warmer feel, wood is a better choice.

Our wooden fence products come in a wide range of styles to compliment any home from a qualified wood fence contractor. We can also custom design a fence for any particular home and landscaping.

Wood fencing has a variety of options including a lattice top or you may choose to have your boards cut in a “dog eared” fashion for a more stylish finish. 

Your Fence, Your Style

Our Spokane fence contractors can help you design a custom wood fence for your yard. Or you can pick a traditional style to fit your needs.

If you want a custom fence, just tell us your unique ideas and needs and our staff will help create a fence to complement your home and yard.

The designs are virtually limitless and we can find a solution for any style or budget.


Wood privacy fence giving privacy and security to a back yard

Advantages of Wood

  • Affordable cost compared to other fencing types
  • Lots of style customization options (your design or ours)
  • Beautiful around any yard or building
  • Minimal maintenance with our high quality wood
  • The warmth of wood
  • You can install or we can install
  • Custom cut posts


Minimal Maintenance

Yes, wood is susceptible to rot and decay and that is why we make sure you get only the best quality. Starting out with the right wood products will make a huge difference.

With proper maintenance you will be able to have a wooden fence that requires minimal care. With a wood fence, make sure you protect it from the elements with paint or stain.

Cedar and pressure-treated pine are two popular wood fence options. Cedar is selected for its ability to resist rot and bugs as well as its beautiful reddish tone. Pressure-treated pine is a durable and wallet-friendly option.



Wood Fence Installation Cost

On average, basic wood fence installation can run $19–$25 per linear foot.

Pricing for wood fencing varies based on the project needs and the property where the fence is getting installed.

Costs usually include labor, building materials, concrete (for the posts) and wood. The price may be higher or lower, depending on how challenging the soil is, whether the terrain needs to be leveled or whether brush needs to be cleared. 


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