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Fencing in Spokane, Spokane Valley & Surrounding Areas!

Welcome to Fencing Spokane WA where we make sure to offer you the highest quality fences in Spokane! We provide superior service throughout the entire area including Spokane Valley. Whether you need new Vinyl, Wood, Privacy, Chain Link, Ornamental Iron, Gates, Security Fencing, Post on Pipe, Paneled-In Fencing, Board-on-Board, Vinyl Chain Link, Lattice Tops, or a Custom Fence, we can do it all!

If you are searching “fence companies near me”  or “fence company Spokane“, then you don’t have to search anymore!

Fencing Spokane WA is a local company and is a top leading fence company in Spokane County and surrounding areas. From residential fences to commercial applications, we have the experience to do it right. We are fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. Offering durable and stylish fences that are built to last for many, we have a fence to suite all tastes, needs, and budgets.


You have a lot of choices nowadays looking at the different Spokane fence companies. There are lots of things you need to consider before making your decision. When looking for the right fence company that will do the job right make sure the company is licensed, bonded, and insured! So why choose us specifically?

We are:

  • Licensed, bonded, and insured. 
  • Locally operated and owned
  • Always free estimates
  • High quality products and installation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to work with anyone


You are here because you either need a new fence, your fence repaired, or you need to replace your existing fence and everything in between. We can help you with anything you need.

One main thing that fences do for people is provide security. Even if the house is small, if it has fence it can be deterrentand give the privacy you’re looking for. A fence also adds beauty, stability, security and increases your house value through fencing your own property. It defines a space and it may even give safety to your kids, or stops your pet from wandering to other places plus many more advantages!

We offer fences for residential or commercial needs. If you want to install a fence at your home, office or other business places we can help you secure your place. You decide on what fence you would like to install and we deliver and build it perfectly for you on and on time.

We have been serving our community for the past three decades with over 200 years of combined fence experience. Our fence company in Spokane offers high quality chain link, wood, vinyl, privacy fencing, iron or ornamental steel as well as fence repair. We can also provide fence gates or security gates.

Choose from our vast selection of products and styles. When you need affordable protection for your property, don’t invest in a good fence, invest in OUR fence. We provide superior service and we are also surprisingly affordable, so don’t hesitate to call use for a FREE ESTIMATE!

Call us today!


We will be glad to hear from you soon! Let us help you and give you ideas on what kind of fence you need for your home, office or commercial areas you want to install your fence. Whatever the purpose of your project, we take great pride in our finished product and our customers’ satisfaction.

No matter how big or small your areas you wanted to secure with fence we make sure we deliver only high quality standard fence installation.

Fencing Spokane Wa are expert fence builders and hopefully we can be the last fence builder you will ever need and use! Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the fence installation package we have right now!

Keep in mind that we can also install any type of gate at your property and are open to discuss and help you plan out your next project. 

We are one of the best Spokane fence companies, so be sure to call us if you want a quality fence Spokane!

What We Do As The Best Fence Company Spokane

Vinyl Fencing Spokane

Vinyl Fences are beautiful, provide privacy, and are very durable! This means that they don’t need as much maintenance. We install very high quality vinyl fencing products and do some of the best work in the industry! Call if you need a vinyl fence Spokane.

Wood Fencing Spokane

Wood fencing can be a great solution to provide privacy and security to a property. It’s a more affordable solution and gives off a warm wood vibe. Wood needs more maintenance, but our high quality fence products make that minimal. Call for a wood fence Spokane!

Chain Link Fence Spokane

Chain Link fences are the most popular fence in Spokane. It’s the most affordable option and also provides a perimeter for kids and pets and comes in a variety of options whether you want galvanized, vinyl coatings, or vinyl slats! Call us to get a chain link fence cost estimate!


One of the biggest reasons people get fences are for privacy purposes. You can get a privacy fence installed from a Spokane fence contractor with lots of different kinds of materials, including all of the fencing product materials listed on our website!

Wrought Iron Fencing Spokane

These fences are the most durable material you can get, but also are the most costly. They provide a great style for anyone who loves the look of wrought iron. If you want curb appeal while also setting a boundary, get this fence!

Fence Repair Spokane

Sometime fences break and they need repaired. For the best fencers near me, we are one of the top fence repair Spokane companies in the area. We can fix and of the products that we have mentioned so your fence is good as new!

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As one of the best Spokane fence companies in the area, don’t miss out and make sure to give us a call!

Fencing in Spokane: What To Expect with a Spokane Fencing Company

When you’re looking for a Spokane fence company, there is a lot that you should expect.

We believe that we are one of the best fence companies in Spokane Wa so it’s no wonder that we let you know that you can truly expect the best. Our fence contractors Spokane Wa pay attention to details and do their best to build you a fence that will stand the test of time.

Our process from a top fence contractor Spokane Wa

First, you can expect that we will come to your property and provide you with a free quote. If you are looking for a new fence, we will gather everything you want in your buildout and design a strategy and custom quote for you. If you have an existing fence and trying to determine if you want to get rid of your old fence and build a new one or repair it, our fence repair Spokane Wa services are high quality and we will give you an honest recommendation on what we think is the best approach for your property.

When looking for fence companies in Spokane you want a contractor who will be honest and trustworthy and give you honest suggestions and recommendations with your budget in mind. 

We have the most dependable ‘fence contractor near me’ if that is what you are looking for so you will be very happy with your decision.

Second, Fencing Spokane will get your materials ordered and we will schedule a time to get your fence posts in.

During the winter, we don’t set posts, so during the fall we set a lot of posts before the temperature is freezing and then come back later to install the rest of the fence. 

Third, we get your fence installed and completed. If you are happy with our fence, we would be happy to get a Spokane fence review from you!

About Spokane 

Spokane Washington is a city in Spokane County. It’s located in eastern Washington and is one of the biggest cities in the state. 

Spokane is only 20 miles away from the Idaho border and sits along the Spokane River. The Spokane area can be characterized by hills, plains, prairies, and coniferous forests. Mount Spokane is the highest peak near the city.

With a growing population, Spokane is in need of many fences. A fence company in Spokane Wa can thrive here with all of the work that is needed. New fencing is needed all of the time and with several fencing companies Spokane Wa trying to earn your business, you are sure to get a competitive price. 

If you are looking for ‘fence services near me’ and need a fence Spokane, be sure to give us a call. We can help with chain link fence installation, vinyl, privacy, wrought iron, wood, and more!

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We’ve included some of the most common questions below:

  • The cost of installing your fence depends on several factors such as:

    • Product type (Vinyl, chain link, wood, ornamental, etc.)
    • Linear feet of project
    • Desired height of the fence
    • How many gates (if any) are needed
    • Where

    The best way to know how much it will cost to install your fence is to let us come to a FREE, no obligation estimate. Call us today and we will schedule a time!


  • We recommend that you don’t. Not because we don’t think you are capable of figuring it out, but because we know that we will do it right. Keep in mind that a lot of manufacturers of products used in fencing will not warranty those products unless a licensed fence contractor carries out the job. 


  • This really depends on you! There are many unique products that are available and each will have its own advantages and disadvantages. To figure out which is the right fence for your property, have us come take a look for FREE can we can make suggestions according to what we’ve seen. Things to consider are the type of fence you already (if there is an existing fence), the environment you reside in (what fencing does your neighborhood have) and, of course, your budget.


  • It depends on the type of product you chose, how much fencing you need, what kind of ground it’s on, and how busy we are as a company! Also, keep in mind that we will be working outside in the elements, so if the weather is bad and we cannot work on certain days then this will certainly add more time to the task.

    On average, a fence installation in Spokane should take somewhere between 3-10 days. Building a fence is broken into a few phases:

    Phase 1: Determine the scope of the project and what material we will need to order from the manufacturer. If there isn’t anything custom, we should be able to order the material fairly quickly.

    Phase 2: Once we have the material, we will need to dig holes for the fence posts, set the posts in the holes, and fill the holes with concrete. The cement needs to sit and needs time to cure.

    Phase 3: Once cement is cured, we will then install the remaining parts of your fence!



  • Of course! If you are looking for ‘fence installers near me’, our Spokane fence company has the best Spokane fencing services in the area. You won’t be disappointed so give us a call today!


Our clients love us … and we feel confident that as the top Spokane fence company you will grow to love us too!

Below are some Spokane fence reviews from some of our clients:

  • LOVE My New Fence

    These fence Spokane contractors were very professional and courteous and did an amazing job putting in my new fence. 

    heart eyes icon
    Laura Graham
    September 28, 2017
  • PROMPT And Polite

    I was impressed with how prompt and polite they were. And their pricing was affordable as well! 

    PROMPT And Polite
    Doris Johnson
    April 17, 2019
  • AFFORDABLE Pricing

    Very very pleased with how everything turned out. My chain link fence is perfect to keep my dog in the yard. Great price too!

    heart eyes icon
    Joshua Van
    July 10, 2019

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When looking for a fence Spokane, make sure to give us a call! We are one of the best Spokane fence companies! 

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We hope that you give us a call if you are looking for a company for your next fence installation near me and request a free quote from us. Our fence contractors will help with your chain link fence, wood fence, vinyl fence, black chain link fence, wood gate, custom gate, cattle fencing, wrought iron fencing, split rail fencing, metal fence, privacy fence, horse fence, aluminum fencing, fence repair, and so much more!

Fencing Spokane Wa is the best Spokane fence company for fencing contractors near me in the area so give us a call or fill out a form for a new fence!